Monday, January 2, 2017

January is a great time to start your Plunder journey!

This month you could start your Plunder virtually for free? Plunder is offering you a rebate on beginning the adventure of a lifetime by joining this month.  You will also snag 3 extra pieces of Plunder jewelry by doing so!  WIN, WIN, and WIN!  So what is holding you back? With in your first 90 days, you could have a team of at least 3 girls, a cash bonus deposited into your checking account, a refund on the way for your starter kit, an additional $100 in Plunderfully picked jewelry, along with $180 in free Plunder Marketing tools- not to mention the earnings from your sales, happy mail, and incentives you could potentially win. So what is it exactly that is holding you back?  
Take some time, research us, look at our comp plan- which never caps- it's time for you to invest in yourself! Im ready to help you reach the goals you set for yourself and I might just challenge you to something larger that you CAN EASILY ACCOMPLISH! Have a little faith in yourself- from the heart of a small town girl to yours, WHATCHA WAITIN' FOR?

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