Monday, December 22, 2008

A couple more chipboard albums

I was so pleased with the way my other album came out, I decided I'd make these for my Son's preschool teacher's! Really happy with the way they came out! Now they can insert pictures of their friends! Since none of them are married with kids, I decided FRIEND was a good one for each of them.

Chipboard Photo albums

Found this cute photo album on Etsy & decided it would be a fun gift to make up for my Mom for Christmas. I thought I'd put pictures of my late Grandmother in there, going back to when my Mom was a little girl.

I was so pleased with the final product & CAN NOT wait to give this to my Mother! I think the paper choices were perfect too & am really happy with the colors I chose to go with. All I had to do was glue them onto the letters & then I used my exacto to cut out around the letters. I then cut & tied my ribbons onto the metal rings I bought.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

SO motivated today after finding some great new blogs!

OK, so I've just come across a couple of amazingly (is that even a word)? creative women! I'm not even clicking on the blogs that they like to go to yet as I'm afraid I will just keep finding more great ideas! SO cute & now I want to go home, lock myself away from the husband & son and create away... I was at Hobby Lobby yesterday & already found a project that I wanted to make. This is in addition to the teacher's gifts I've decided today that I would be making, the project I'm finishing for my mother & the project I was just about to start that I bought paper for yesterday! Anyways, check out these two blogs to find some really fun ideas!

You want Change?

This lady is right on with her ideas!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Tanner's visit to Santa

So much fun! Tanner was so excited he could hardly contain it! He couldn't wait to tell Santa that he wanted a Batcave for Christmas!