Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Quote that changed my opinion on abortion

"It is a poverty to decide that a child must die so that you may live as you wish."
-- Mother Teresa

So I had always thought it should be a woman's right to choose as it's her body. I didn't think it was right, but if I were ever raped or a victim of incest and became pregnant, I would want to abort that baby. And I sure didn't think it should be a form of birth control. Well, then when I read that quote as I drove into work one morning I thought wow - that is so right! And if it's wrong to commit murder, then why should you be allowed to murder that baby growing inside of you?

Today I had an email from a friend in response to a link I sent to her about the ex-planned parenthood employee. She said: "A gal I work with said she had to assist on an abortion once at the hospital where she used to work. She said after that one time she told the staff she would refuse to ever do one again. She stated that the fetus actively tries to get away from the vaccuum and that was enough for her to understand they can feel pain and are smart enough to try to get away. God help those poor babies".

That made me sick. And that goes to show that they ARE babies. If more people heard that I'm sure there would be less abortions around the world.

Light cigarettes may not help smokers quit (DUH...)

WOW, so this morning I saw something about this & was like - Seriously? People think that's a good way to go on quitting smoking, but it's still smoking. Also, you hear that they put more nicotine in ciggarettes than they are supposed too. Who knows... I got hypnotized on Sept 15th, 2004 and never started up again. YOO HOO!

November 6, 2009 | 6:00 am
Smokers who want to quit and think a good first step is to switch to light or low-tar cigarettes are making a big mistake. A study has found that those smokers instead have about a 50% lower chance of giving up smoking.

The research, published in the November issue of Tobacco Control, analyzed survey data from about 31,000 smokers who were asked whether they had switched to a milder or low-tar brand of cigarettes and the reasons for the switch. They were queried about whether they had tried to give up smoking and if they could currently call themselves nonsmokers. Those who switched brands were 58% more likely to have attempted to give up smoking than those who stayed with one brand but were 60% less likely to successfully quit.

It's not clear why switching to light cigarettes backfires, said the authors, from the University of Pittsburgh. Switchers may have changed their behavior in ways that made quitting harder. The switchers could also be the group of people who have the most trouble quitting. Or it's possible these people decided that smoking light cigarettes was a good alternative to quitting.

Low-tar cigarettes deliver amounts of tar, nicotine and other substances that are comparable with regular cigarettes, the authors said. These so-called light products make up 84% of the market.

"Previous research has shown that smokers interpret the term 'light' to mean less toxic, an association that manufacturers have sought to exploit in advertising," the lead author of the study, Dr. Hilary Tindle, said in a news release.

People who want information on the proven, best methods for quitting can peruse the smoking cessation resources page at the National Institutes of Health.

- Shari Roan
Photo credit: Will Wintercross / Bloomberg Newshttp://latimesblogs.latimes.com/booster_shots/2009/11/quitting-smoking-light-cigarettes.html

Thursday, November 5, 2009

2010 GM

The New GM (Government Motors) Proudly Introduces
The 2010 Obama
This car runs on hot air and broken promises. It has three wheels that speed the vehicle through tight left turns. It comes complete with two TelePrompters programmed to help the occupants talk their way out of any violations. The transparent canopy reveals the plastic smiles still on the faces of all the happy owners. Comes in S, M, L, XL and 2XL
It won't get you to work, but hey, there aren't any jobs anyway!

Scentsy November warmer of the month

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Jeremy Sisto...I don't care what anyone else thinks!

he's so cute! I just saw a commercial for Law & Order and it got me to jump to this! He's so cute. i've thought that for years now. I'm not sure when it was that I first saw him, but I know I thought so in the movie Angel Eyes.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Raising ticket prices in this economy?

I asked my MIL how her movie was Friday night & she said they didn’t go b/c AMC had raised the price to $12 per ticket and had reserved seating now. If they did want to pay that $12, they would have been sitting in the first couple of rows.

I emailed AMC on Monday to see if this was a new program or maybe a one time deal but here is their response (read below). It sounds as though they think it’s a positive. WOW…who can afford to pay $12 PER ticket!? I know it’s high like that in other cities, but it’s new to us here in KC.


From: AMC Guest Services [mailto:AMCGuestServices@amctheatres.com]
Sent: Tuesday, November 03, 2009 11:09 AM
To: Holly
Subject: AMC Theatres

Dear Holly,

Thank you for contacting AMC Theatres. AMC Town Center 20 ticket prices were raised last weekend with the onset of the new “Reserved Seating” benefit. Reserved seating can save you time, eliminating the need for you to arrive early, especially if you reserve your tickets online. No matter what time you arrive at the theatre, your seats will be available.

Thank you, again, for contacting us. We look forward to seeing you at the movies!


AMC Guest Services

I guess I don't see this as a positive. Movies are expensive enough as it is & we had stopped going to AMC and going to Dickinson movie theaters as the prices were a little less & they had better deals where the kids could get in free at 2 & 3 years old. We also try to go to the first movie of the day in order to get the reduced price. I wonder what the prices are for 3D movies!? YIKES...paid $10 per ticket (no matter your age at Dickinson) for the 3D version of Monsters vs. Aliens when we saw that at a Dickinson.