Monday, June 23, 2014

EBC 62nd annual picnic!

Our first picnic with our church was such a fun one!  We are lucky to have found such a great church home!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

A whole new me

You just know when you're feel it and then one day you really see it.

It's funny too b/c when I really think about it, I've changed so many times in my life!  

Right now I mean my style.  The clothes I wear, the make up, jewelry, shoes...I can remember times when I was so very a natural & then times when I was more glammed out & all jeweled up!  Right now it seems that I am much more simple and girly! & not so much bling!  

In 2012 I found a bracelet that said Live Loud & that became my motto for the year.  SO FAR BEHIND ME...I don't wanna live loud anymore!  I just want to be happy & enjoy life with my son, my love, his kids and our new family!  I absolutely love where I am today!  The only thing missing here is my best friend Holly!

Turns out I have a baseball lovin' boy!

The Money Maker's is what they decided to call their team!  This is Tanner's first time playing baseball & he's already told me he's addicted!  So fun watching as he practices & plays each week!  Dave says maybe by Senior year I'll have it figured out when he needs the glove & hat after last night!  He was heading out as catcher & I had taken his glove from him & put it in the dugout!  He was getting ready to head out to hit & I tried to give him his baseball hat rather than his helmet!