Friday, May 21, 2010

Happy Birthday Pac-Man!

You're 30?! My oh my, however can this be!? That's means I was 7 when you came into my life Mr. Pac-Man!? that makes me feel A LITTLE old. And I do say only A LITTLE! I have always loved Pac-Man. had many a blister from playing Pac-Man! I tend to get very very into my game! I actaully have a friend that is doing one of her sons rooms with Pac-man! How fun would that be to have Pinky, Inky, Blinky & the guys being chased on your walls by Packman!

and how great are these!? Wish I'd of known about it being Pac-Man's birthday before hte day was half over & maybe I'd of done something fun like this! OK, so mine wouldn't have looked this good, but still I would have had fun trying to make them!

Freedom Bundle

LOVE anything patriotic & this is such a great idea that they came up with the star top for the Candy Shoppe warmer! When this came out (the striped warmer itself) for December, all I could think of with this was setting it out in July for the 4th of July & I wanted to set blue stars out by it! Anyways, SUPER cute & June 1st, I'll be ordering one for my house!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Teacher Appreciation Week 2010

We had something special each day of the week during Teacher Appreciation 2010! It was a lot of work planning & getting everything coordinated, but so worth it & I love how well it all came together!
Monday: fresh flowers, cupcakes that looked like apples & a banner

Tuesday: a gift card tree

Wednesday: homemade breakfast items and juice brought in by parents
Thursday: cute bags of trail mix with a saying saying thank you for keeping our kids on the right path & apple Jones soda

Friday: picture frames personalized for the various teachers with their classroom's picture in them and cards signed by the kids. For the administration on the last day I had cookies that looked like glue bottle made up at Cookies By Design & then attached tags to them that said "You're part of the glue that keep the school held together so tight"!

Here are a few of the picture frames...

Mother's Day 2010

One of Tanner's past teacher's pulled him to make this for me & it's one of the best Mother's Day gifts ever! I love personalized things like this!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Comfort, Christmas and Childhood

All three things come to mind when I see this picture of my son.

It was Christmas morning & he was dressed at ready to go to the first Grandma's house and enjoying a movie with his new Spiderman pillow while we got ready. He was comfy laying on our bedroom floor & just cozied up and enjoying himself. AHHH, to be that comfy & relaxed just staying indoors while the snow comes down like crazy outside! We had a wonderfully white Christmas this year! So white, that a lot of people couldn't get out, including my sister in law & my husband had to go pick her & the kids up! Also, first Christmas in the 10 Christmas's we've had where we needed to drive the truck (or even SUV as he's always had before) b/c my Toyota wasn't getting through it! Cars were getting stuck all over town. It was the most WONDERFUL Christmas I can remember in a long time! I love snow during the Holiday's!