Friday, April 30, 2010

Mr. Independent

So, my boy has finally stopped letting me pick out his clothes & actually told me I was trying to make him look fat with one shirt I picked out! WOW, boys worry about this too and at such a young age!? I mean really, he's 4 and a half! Check out some of his latest outfits...all I can say is that I'm sure giving him this independence is good for him and it's allowing us to get out the door in the morning in a halfway timely manner!

This one was just too funny not to post, but don't worry he didn't leave the house in this!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Favorite Book Character

OK, so it's week of the young child & they are doing things everyday at Tanner's preshool/daycare. Yesterday was dress as your favorite book character. Even though Curious George is not Tanner's favorite, that's what I got him to dress up as! Thought that would be pretty cute! Belle & Lilo were also in his class today! Little cuties!

A little bit of heaven for's called The Kolache Factory

If you've never had one, you need to see if you have a location near your home b/c these babies are THE BEST! LOVE LOVE LOVE them! I just went & grabbed one since I did not like the frozen Dole fruit I brought in at all, I'll save that for another post, as that's another story in itself! Anyways, love the sausage, egg & cheese one this morning. The one with bacon instead of sausage is another favorite of mine. YUMMM...making my mouth water just thinking about how yummy it was!

CrAZy hair day!

YIPEE! Three really fun things today - CrAZy hair day at preschool, a moonwalk and It's FRIDAY! YOO HOO...Also, after a week of total yuck and pain of severe allergies for Tanner, he woke up this morning & his eyes look so much better! Of course we have the appointment to go see the allergist today, but I took plenty of pictures over the past week & I'm taking them in with me so he can see how bad we were! Check out the fun hair this with purple polka dots!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Ahhh Spring...and allergies!

My poor little guy woke up April 1st & the allergies were in full swing! This weekend was pretty bad for his eyes too! Poor thing woke up & his eyes were all red & puffed up and asked "Can I hunt for my Easter Egg"? He'd not been out of his bedroom but for less than a minute!

Thankfully they stopped itching as bad for a bit and they looked a little better and weren't bothering him as much. He sure did have a fun Easter though & is such a trooper!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

aPriL FoOlS!

Made up this cake for Tanner's class today. It sure was fun to see the faces that kids were making this morning when I carried it in! HA...April Fool's!