Monday, June 21, 2010

16 years ago...

Hard to belive it was 16 years ago today that my Dad was admitted into the hospital and he never came out. It was a crazy morning trying to get him up and dressed so my Mom could take him into see Dr. Bowen. I remember as I was helping him out to teh car he was asking him how my car was running. I was busy trying to make sure he didn't notice where I'd taken out my drivers side mirror! HA...Anyways, the admitted him into the hospital and I remember that tomrrow, it was Wed back in June of 1994, I called my sister to tell her it wasn't good & this was it she needed to get on a plane and get down to Edmond! This week, beginning with Father's Day is always such a hard week for me as I seem to relive the week year after year. It was daily for so long in the beginning that I would relive it over and over.
It's like I know I don't wish him back and it feels wrong to say that. But if my Dad hadn't passed away - my life wouldn't have gone like it has. My Mom wouldn't have moved back, I wouldn't have followed her to eventually lead me to Chad & get married to have Tanner today. So, I know that my Dad did die for a reason and it's all part of God's big plan! I sure do miss him at times though & think he would just love Tanner & be having a ball with him! That's what hurts the most I think! My son not getting to know his Grandpa Denny!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Our annual summer picnic - carnival themed!

So as the President of the Parents Association at my son's school - I am in charge of planning the annual summer picnic. This year I decided to go with a carnival theme & I think we'll go this route going forward! It was so much fun! Even if we were forced to have it inside as it POURED outside and we didn't get the moonwalk, the kids had a ball! I got the best ideas from Parents Magazine! A couple of years ago they had a big spread on a carnival themed kids birthday party. I also found the photo board idea on Family Fun & my VERY talented sister drew & painted this for us!

Happy 25th Birthday Goonies!

OK, so I LOVED this movie as a kid, still do today! I can't even tell you how many times I've seen the movie. When I heard that Goonies turned 25 this week, it brought back a lot of memories & now I'm thinking I'll have to watch the movie this weekend! Check out this story I found
LOVED Sean Astin after I saw this movie and Kerry Green too! Not sure who I thought was cuter - Sean Astin or Josh Brolin?! OH and Steven Antin - HOLY SMOKES, I thought he was great after seeing him in The Last American Virgin!
Anyways, The Goonies will go down in my book as being one of the best movies ever!

A few memorable quotes:

Mikey: Goonies never say die

[Chunk glued the statue's penis on upside-down]
Chunk: How's this?
Mikey: Oh, you idiot! You glued it on upside-down!
Brandon Walsh: If God made it that way, you'd all be pissing in your faces!
Chunk: Looks fine to me.

[Brand and Andy are about to kiss after falling down]
Chunk: Shame, shame!
Data: I know your name!
Mouth: Come on, Brand! Slip her the tongue!
Stef: Oh, that's disgusting. Now I can't even look.

Mouth: You got it. What's going down guys? Hey, what's the matter with you guys?
Come on? What's the matter? What is this, a nuclear Saturday or something?
Come on, guys. This is our last weekend together, last "Goonie" weekend.
We got to be goin' out in style, cruisin' the coast, sniffin' some lace, downin'
some brews...but nooo. The one older brother had to go and screw it up, by
flunking your driver's test? (Brand takes a swing at him) Don't know what to do with ya, kid.

Andy: Brand... What happened to your braces?
Brandon Walsh: Braces? I don't wear braces, Mikey wears bra... Mikey! That little...
Andy: Shhh!
[kisses him again]