Thursday, November 20, 2014

Look who's turning 9!

Tanner arrived back in town from a fun weekend celebrating a wedding & birthday's with his Dad and their family in Branson to an ambush of friends with Nerf guns!  Dave & I planned a surprise party for his 9th birthday!

Then it was onto the Nerf Gun battle that awaited the boys & a game of capture the flag!  OK, multiple games of capture the flag!  They had a blast & played for what seemed like forever!  Dave & Mike got in on the action & Zach even showed up & played for awhile!  
First to draw colors to determine your team, blue or orange
These are the flags Dave made the for Capture the Flag

The big boys got in on the fun too!  It was hard to tell who had more fun, the big ones                                                                or the little ones!
On to the gifts!
 A Kindle!  I got a Kindle!!

This is as good as it got for this Mama this year!  I ran out of time & didn't get to finish with all the little touches I wanted!  But you know what...the boys didn't have a clue & thought it was THE BEST birthday party ever!

 Wish big Tanner!  I hope you're 9th year is the best one yet!
 Everyone grabbing some goodies to go along with their dirt dessert (the birthday boy's favorite since he doesn't like cake)! 
  Tanner showed his friends that this is how he eats his dirt dessert!  
 Then a couple of his buddies wanted to give it a try!  
Grandma & Grandpa came down to join in the birthday celebration!
My baby boy isn't such a baby anymore!  Happy 9th birthday sweet boy!