Thursday, May 7, 2009

A better day today...

So yesterday I just felt like a crazy Mom that can't get things straight anymore! I felt like the weight of the world was upon me and like I was just a big mess. Thank goodness today I woke up feeling good & one of the Mom's from a classmate of Tanner's said I'm Wonder Woman & one of his teacher's agreed. That sure made me feel good b/c yesterday & I wondered how so many women do do it all! I by no means think that I am a wonder woman though. At least today I feel like I've got my head wrapped around everything again. I think some of my nerves went away last night when I started getting things that would have to be done this morning done. I do still have a lot that I need to do tonight, but somehow I'm not freaking out about them today. Not sure why it's different, but I guess it's good! Also, when I decided I am taking a half day tomorrow (Friday) to give myself some breathing room.

I did decide that I am serious about losing weight as I can't even fit into some of my pants & shorts from lst year. This is it - I've gotta drop some pounds! I took Tanner on a power walk last night & it felt good to feel the burn, sweat & have flushed cheeks from so much exercise! Tonight Tanner has swim lessons so I'm not sure if I'll be able to get out to walk again b/c I also have to have him make his cards, I just realized I forgot to mail Grandma's Mother's Day Card! I can not believe that!! OK, so back to what I have to do tonight...I need to have Tanner make his cards for his teacher's, I need to make the three envelopes for them (putting all the classmates cards in them) and I also need to get my house ready for the Tastefully Simple open house I'm having on Saturday morning! Gotta make a liquor store stop, grocery run for that too! I did make a stop last night & now have something for Mother's Day for my Mom & Chad's Mom as well as a little something from him for them. It's not much, but this year it's going to be good enough! With the way the economy is, I just can't do like I usually would do. Also, I decided to make my mother's day cards b/c I could save so much money by going that route! I usually buy 14 cards between what Tanner & I each give out. Then chad and Tanner are spending money on me for cards too. SO, this year I will make mine, and have Tanner make his. Although I did find two cards (for the Grandma's) yesterday that I got for him to give them.

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