Monday, June 21, 2010

16 years ago...

Hard to belive it was 16 years ago today that my Dad was admitted into the hospital and he never came out. It was a crazy morning trying to get him up and dressed so my Mom could take him into see Dr. Bowen. I remember as I was helping him out to teh car he was asking him how my car was running. I was busy trying to make sure he didn't notice where I'd taken out my drivers side mirror! HA...Anyways, the admitted him into the hospital and I remember that tomrrow, it was Wed back in June of 1994, I called my sister to tell her it wasn't good & this was it she needed to get on a plane and get down to Edmond! This week, beginning with Father's Day is always such a hard week for me as I seem to relive the week year after year. It was daily for so long in the beginning that I would relive it over and over.
It's like I know I don't wish him back and it feels wrong to say that. But if my Dad hadn't passed away - my life wouldn't have gone like it has. My Mom wouldn't have moved back, I wouldn't have followed her to eventually lead me to Chad & get married to have Tanner today. So, I know that my Dad did die for a reason and it's all part of God's big plan! I sure do miss him at times though & think he would just love Tanner & be having a ball with him! That's what hurts the most I think! My son not getting to know his Grandpa Denny!

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