Friday, March 25, 2011

I'm a Mom, but I'm also still a woman...

OK, so since church last Sunday, I can't stop thinking about this...He was talking about how being intimate is much more than just with your bodies, and that it's with your heart too.
He was trying to make a point to the high school students & now I don't even really remember what it was that he was saying b/c I got so focused on thinking of myself & what I really think of sex. 
Wishing I'd of heard someone say that to me so many years ago!  It would have changed the way I did many things in my life!  For some reason I always thought it was going to make a guy like you & that is SO WRONG!
You have these movies that glamorized it & for one - I NEVER should have been watching these movies!  I'm not even sure how I got by with watching these movies!  Where were my parents?  I know my Dad was not naive to what was out there or in these movies, but I really don't think my Mom knew what was IN these movies & what I was watching.  All The Right Moves, Porky's, The Last American Virgin, Welcome to 18, The Breakfast Club, About Last Night, - I can remember being in 8th grade & watching About Last Night & LOVING that movie!  But now, being an adult & having done the things I did growing up & having a son...there is no way I want my son watching movies like that at that age!  I don't want him to see that promiscuous sex & thinking that it's just how it is and that there's nothing wrong wtih it.  I want him to know that it's something that should be saved & treated as if it really does mean something.  Don't just give your body to anyone. 
I think I've also gotten to a point that sex for me isn't as much with my heart as it is with my body.  Sure, I love my husband a lot & I do feel closer to him through sex & when we are more intimate but I honestly can say that I think for me - sex is more physical than it is emotional.  I really hope that somehow we can make sure that our son knoss that as the pastor said - being intimate with someone is far more than just feelings with your body but it's also with your heart and your head!

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