Monday, August 29, 2011

You can have too many toys!

I am not a FIRM believer in the fact that YOU CAN HAVE TOO MANY TOYS!  Until recently, I'd never believed this & would buy my son every toy under the son.  Christmas - FULL TREE, packed full of presents!  Birthday - tons of presents...more toys!  Now, he's 5 1/2 and rarely plays with those toys!  Some that he JUST got 8 months ago at Christmas!  It was this past week when I said "why don't you go upstairs and play with Cooper.  He came over to play with you".  Tanner replies "all he's doing is playing with toys".  EXACTLY...that's what toys are for my boy!  Cooper is a little over 3, and lives next door.  He & Tanner like to hang out & play together and are very good buds!

So, I finally started weeding out toys & actually sold some before even getting a chance to list them on Craigslist yesterday!  YOO HOO!  Hoping to get more out of there with the garage sales coming up later this week!

With this realization though, I now wonder WHAT in the world we're going to do for birthday & Christmas gifts! 

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