Monday, December 12, 2011

A realization about life & friendships

There is someone in my life, someone that I would have called a friend at one time or another, but I wouldn't say that anymore.  At least I don't want her in my life as a friend anymore.  I just realized that when you really don't respect someone and you don't have the same values, just not worth the time for the friendship. 
You try to help people & they just piss away every opportunity, it's not worth it.  And frankly, I'm done trying.  And, I'm tired of watching you walk all over your boyfriend, well now ex and just think why am I even wasting my time thinking of this stuff.  Just be done with it...
You create your life and it’s because of decisions you’ve made that you have gotten you to where you are today. Take responsibility & don’t blame others for your situation.
If you’re not willing to work for it – it’s not going to happen.
Want money – get a job & support yourself. Don’t expect someone else to support you.
Wanna lose weight, then do something about & put the donuts down! If you’re not ready then stop talking about it & just enjoy the donuts! (Mind you those donuts can be whatever your weakeness/favorite high calorie food is).
You can’t just expect that people are going to hand you things & you can just sail on enjoying the ride. Well, I guess you can b/c it’s a free country, I just hope you know there are no free rides. Everything comes at some sort of a cost. Whether it’s hard work, giving something other than money or sacrificing a relationship or time somewhere in your life. Nothin’s free baby…

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