Thursday, February 23, 2012

Abortion...where do you stand?

I grew up in a very republican home, but always have had the feelings of freedom of choice in regards to abortion for as long as I can remember having an opinion about it.  I was driving to work one day when I saw a bumber sticker that said:
“It is a poverty to decide that a child must die so that you may live as you wish” – Mother Teresa

That really made me think.  It really is a selfish choice that women were making to have abortions.  Not all of course, but it really got me thinking about abortion. 
I don't know how they say it's not a life that you're taking.  At 4 to 10 weeks - organs are developing - that is alive.  If it wasn't alive it wouldn't be "growing".
This remarkable photograph of a tiny fetus in its unruptured amniotic sac was taken after surgery for an ectopic pregnancy in 1972. This picture demonstrates the development of a baby at only six weeks after conception.

Week 2
Fertilization, the joining of the sperm and the egg in the fallopian tube (below) to form a unique human being, occurs. Forty-six chromosomes provide the blueprint for the embryo’s physical characteristic

 Week 3

At this point, the blastocyst, or developing embryo, is looking for a spot to implant in the uterus. Early formation of the central nervous system, backbone, and spinal column has begun. The gastrointestinal system has also begun to develop with the kidneys, liver, and intestines forming. The heart has begun to form.
Week 4
Hormones produced by the embryo stop the mother’s menstrual cycle.

Week 5
The embryo’s tiny heart begins to beat by day twenty-one. The brain has developed into 5 areas and some cranial nerves are visible. Arm and leg buds are visible and the formation of the eyes, lips, and nose has begun. The spinal cord grows faster than the rest of the body giving a tail like appearance which disappears as the embryo continues to grow. The placenta begins to provide nourishment for the embryo.
Week 7
Major organs have all begun to form. The embryo has developed its own blood type, unique from the mother’s. Hair follicles and nipples form and knees and elbows are visible. Facial features are also observable. The eyes have a retina and lens. The major muscle system is developed and the embryo is able to move.
 Week 8
The embryo is reactive to its environment inside the amniotic sac where it swims and moves. Hands and feet can be seen. At the end of week 8, the embryonic period is over and the fetal stage begins.

Week 9 - 12
The heart is almost completely developed and the heart rate can be heard on a Doppler machine at the doctor’s office. Most major organs and tissues have developed and red blood cells are now produced in the liver. The face is well formed and the eyes are almost fully developed. The eyelids will close and not reopen until the 28th week. Arms, hands, fingers, legs, feet, and toes are fully formed. Nails and earlobes start to form and tooth buds develop in the gums. Fetus can make a fist with its finger. Testosterone (male sex hormone) is produced by the testes in male fetus.

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I can not see how someone could have an abortion at any stage of a pregnancy. It's a human life and taking life is murder.  Funny how things change in your mind with age...

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