Wednesday, March 21, 2012

BED BUGS at The Great Wolf Lodge in Kansas City!

So after a year of telling our son "we'll go there....we'll go next winter".  It finally arrived...We'd made reservations for one night over Spring Break with some good friends of ours.  We got a loft room so that all 7 of us could just share the cost of one room.  one night, no big deal right?  Little did we know...we would be sharing the room with a few extra guests!  THANK GOODNESS we didn't see them while we were there or we'd all of been freaking out!  The pictures I ahve seen on the internet since I started researching these little things since yesterday are just disgusting!

Here's our story...

We checked into the Great Wolf Lodge in KC, KS on March 11, 2012 and stayed for one night. We were in a loft room with another family.  My 6 year old son and I stayed on the fold out sofa bed.  Approximately two days after we checked out I noticed bites all over my son and mine started appearing approx. four days after check out.  It wasn't until March 20th that I started to piece things together and thought this might be bed bug bites.  I went to the Dr. that day and it was confirmed that they are in fact bed bug bites.  I have reported it to the GWL and am hopeful that they will treat correctly for the problem so that other families don't go through this.  PRAYING that they did not attach to our PJ's & into our bag!  I have heard that they are nearly impossible to get rid of once they get into your home. 
Another part to the story that I think is strange...the family that was with us ran into some friends while we were there.  The following Sunday at church the gal asked her if the kids had any strange reactions from their stay.  When we found out about the bed bug bites, my friend & I put two and two together that her daughter must have also gotten bit out there! 
These pictures are of my son's nearly a week after we first discovered them and there is 1 of some of my bites five days after they first appeared.

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