Friday, January 2, 2015

Another season with Skippy!

Skippy brought a North Pole breakfast!

Skippy raided the chocolates!
 That'll teach me to leave the bow container out again!
 Skippy brought the kids Christmas countdown calendars
Duck Dynasty Skippy!  
Hanging out in the tree & enjoying the view
Silly skippy made a zipline
Skippy squished himself inside this Dr. Pepper bottle
Skippy playing Spiderman
Skippy's ready for the Chiefs game today in his jersey
Rudolph came with Skippy today & left some gifts behind!

Someone had too much coffee!
Skippy feeling playful & trying to get a game of Hide & go seek going!
Apparently we don't have enough sugar for Skippy's diet in the house
Skippy brought the kids each a book
Skippy reading to some of Tanner's stuffed animals
Everyone poops!
I bet he's seen Elf a few times just like us!
Look who I found hiding in the coffee cups this morning
Skippy arrived with a special package for Tanner this morning
Skippy's just as ready for snow as we are!  COME ON Mother Nature!!
Skippy arrived with a couple of fun elf's to hang on our tree!
Someone got creative last night!

Someone got into Mom's jewelry last night!
Silly skippy!  Again, still waiting for snow he decided to make a snowman indoors!  And he arrived with a bag in tote today.  When Tanner checked inside, he'd brought the replacement gift for Dave as Tanner had asked him to do.  Thanks Skippy!
Tanner thought Mrs. Clause must have made this sweater for Skippy.  Love it, so festive!
Skippy arrived with a birthday cake for Jesus!  He knows the true reason for Christmas day!
Skippy's gone back to the North Pole but left a note & couple of games for our family on Christmas Eve!  Thanks for another fun season Skippy!  We'll see you next year!

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