Monday, October 26, 2009


So I was on & saw this story about a man who was wrongly convicted & sent to jail.

That is crazy that even though his fiance was a witness to his whereabouts and there was no DNA connecting him to the case and the judge still convicted him. Also, something that didn't even make it into the courtroom - he and the victim were both tested for STD's and she had one or two, but he did not.

I sure hope that this turns out well for him where he gets to go homes, sounding like there may be a chance for him!

Then I went on to read another story of a man who I would say was basically forced into confession by the way he was being treated and the threats made against him by the police! That's not right - how do they get away with things like that? The saddest part - his best friend who was also wrongly convicted and sent to prison for the rape, was beaten had been severely beaten by another inmate and suffered brain damage so his release had to be postponted until they could find someone to care for him.

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