Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Comfort, Christmas and Childhood

All three things come to mind when I see this picture of my son.

It was Christmas morning & he was dressed at ready to go to the first Grandma's house and enjoying a movie with his new Spiderman pillow while we got ready. He was comfy laying on our bedroom floor & just cozied up and enjoying himself. AHHH, to be that comfy & relaxed just staying indoors while the snow comes down like crazy outside! We had a wonderfully white Christmas this year! So white, that a lot of people couldn't get out, including my sister in law & my husband had to go pick her & the kids up! Also, first Christmas in the 10 Christmas's we've had where we needed to drive the truck (or even SUV as he's always had before) b/c my Toyota wasn't getting through it! Cars were getting stuck all over town. It was the most WONDERFUL Christmas I can remember in a long time! I love snow during the Holiday's!

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