Monday, July 26, 2010

all about me...

10 Things I Wish I Could Say to Ten Different People Right Now:
• I’m so blessed that God chose me to be your Mommy!
• You are an amazing Mom & I love you more than I could ever begin to tell you!
• Do something fun for yourself, you deserve some you time!
• You amaze, confuse and frustrate me all at the same time!
• I ‘m sorry and I miss you
• Remember to stay sweet & don’t get caught up in the snootiness
• Give him the boot – you deserve so much better
• Thank you for making my son feel loved!
• Stop trying to be so much like someone else & just be yourself.
• Thank you for loving me like you do!
9 Things about me:
• I can easily turn a like into an obsession!
• I didn’t think I would love my child MORE than my cats Peace & Fruity. As much as, but surely not MORE. Boy was I wrong!
• I‘ve always wanted to be famous, and I still do!
• I’m pretty sure I’m a shopaholic. (my husband has confirmed this)!
• In a strange way it’s fun watching myself change/age as I’m getting older
• I love everything about food! Reading cookbooks, blogs, internet sites, food shows, magazines, cooking, eating...
• I believe that certain crackers/chips go with certain dips/cheeseballs. And more often than not, I won’t eat it if it’s not the right pair.
• I can be a food snob
• I wish I could do photography or party planning for a living
• I could sit and watch movies for days
8 Ways to win my heart:
• Treating my son extra special & making him FEEL extra special
• Remembering my birthday
• Doing something nice to help my Mom
• Doing something nice for my son

7 things that cross my mind a lot:
• I wish I had a softer heart at times
• Why can’t we have 3 day weekends every week?
• Will I ever convince my husband that we should have another baby?
• What am I going to fix for dinner tonight
• Is Tanner going to grow into the kind of husband & father I’m trying to teach him to be
• Why is it so hard for us to get into the habit of going to church
• Why can’t my husband be more supportive
6 things I do before I sleep:
• Check to make sure I have both alarms set
• Turn off the computer monitor
• Say prayers
• Think about the day or anything significant/ special from the day
• Try to decide if I want to get up early with Chad or not
• Move around until I find a comfortable position
5 people who mean a lot:
what, there’s too many to JUST list 5!
• My mom (she gave birth to be)
• My sister (has been there my entire life)
• My husband
• My son
• My Grandparents, nieces, uncles, aunts, mother in law, sister in law,newphew...
4 things I’m wearing right now:
• Pants
• Short sleeve shirt (grey, black & hot pink camo looking shirt)
• Bracelet
• sandles
3 songs I listen to a lot:
• Bulletproof (one of Tanner’s fav songs right now)
• California Gurls (another one of Tanner’s fav songs right now)
• John Legend – CD in my kitchen that I rarely take out
2 things I want to do before I die:
• Have my life scrapbooked & journaled!
• Go to Ireland
One confession:
I’m pretty particular about how things are done. My Mom, sister & I are the only ones who really seem to know how to do things the “right way”. If you’re not my Mom, my sister or me, chances are you’re doing it wrong in my mind. I know, I know...that’s a terrible way to think! I can’t help it!

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