Sunday, February 27, 2011

It's working!

Weight Watchers Points Plus that is...I'm down 5 pounds!  YOO HOO...This really is a lifestyle change & not just some diet! I'm losing the pounds & going to keep them off!

I've made it like a game of sorts in counting my points.  Thank goodness I found this website called!  I have found some really good recipes on here.  Now my husband might now agree with me when I say that...Last night was HILARIOUS!  I made a potato soup recipe from there & he said it looked like porridge & was just wrong!  You pureed the cooked cauliflower & potatoes so yes, there were no big chunks of potato & he was so not happy about that!  I have several other recipes picked out to try this week!  I did make a recipe from the site that he did like this week though & it was PHENOMENAL I must say!  Crock Pot Santa Fe Chicken is a MUST TRY!  So good! 

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