Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Time to shed some pounds!

The only time pudge looks cute, is when we're little!  I was thinking about that over the weekend when we were at an indoor play place & I was sitting on the couch watching the kiddos run by.  These little girls looked so cute in their tight little leggings, fat rolls, pudgy diapered bottoms...The Moms with the pudge, as I myself have, not so much!  Though thankfully none of them were wearing leggings to show the pudge...lucky for others, I don't either!
Over the past three years or so I've packed on 25 pounds & it's TIME TO SHED THE FAT!  I want to lose 30 - 35!  I started going to Weight Watchers on Feb 5th & it's like a game for me.  How many points am I eating, how many exercise points can I earn & how many steps have I taken today?  Do I really want to eat that?  Is it point worthy?!  My Mom told me about these Weight Watchers ice cream bars - HOLY SMOKES, I enjoyed one lats night as I watched The Bachelor & it was AH-MAZ-ING!  Dark Chocolate Raspberry Ice Cream Bars & they are only 2 points! This points plus thing is a system that is really working for me!  It's keeping me accountable for what I'm eating b/c I'm writing everything down & honestly keeping track of what I'm putting into my mouth! 

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