Thursday, November 17, 2011

Poor experience with a Kansas City area "photographer"

You really have no idea what you're going to get when you hire a photographer.  You've looked at their website, you've seen pictures they've taken of a friend's child etc....but until you have your own experience with a photographer - you really have no idea what you're going to get! 

Julie Phillips was that photographer for us!  She calls herself a photographer, but after what I've heard from other professional photographers about the work she did for our family, I really would beg to differ:

The pictures are shit. Shot with a low end camera, edited to the point of no return, and turned over to you in a resolution unfit for anything more than a Kodak print kiosk. 96dpi is what I publish to facebook so that people can't print them. I give all of my digital files in at least 240dpi with most in the 300dpi range. This means that you can enlarge to poster size without any degradation.

It's been altered so much – it's losing quality. The photographer has added an effect where they are getting the color out of whack with adjustments to saturation and brightness. You should ask for the original – not one that has been altered so much. I think they are trying to add some creative effect — but I'm not feeling like it's working! It really has been degraded a lot!

An image can end up grainy from being underexposed to start with or SOOC straight out of camera. It also can happen with over editing.  The other images except for the last one don't look like a professional  photographer took them. Mostly because you all are in sun, you should not have sun hitting a subjects face, creating blow outs( loss of detail from being too light) and deep shadows. This is where the over editing and grain can come in, in an attempt to fix the problem. See how the sun is hitting the side of all three of your faces? The bridge would be cute but there are shadow lines on your face. Hope I am not sounding rude, just looks like a new photographer :( now I really sound like a know it all. The best image, from a technical standpoint is the last one. See how the light is even on their faces?  Also being where the sun hits you like that causes squinting,

Funny thing - you go to her website and our pictures have been removed.  I guess she doesn't stand behind them quite the way she said she does...strange.

While I love what was captured in some of the pictures, the technical aspect is poor. Placing us in direct sunlight which then created for heavy shadows (almost can't see my eye in one), squinting, Tanner's hair looks white in some, squinting eyes rather than bright open eyes. One of the pictures is so grainy I can't get a decent 4x6 printed adn the 8 x 10 is terrible! I'm terribly disappointed with this whole dealing...I really need to figure out how to wipe it out & smush the anger.

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