Friday, November 29, 2013

Always more to be thankful for!

27. I’m thankful for the amazing women I had in my life growing up as role models!  My Mom, Grandmother and Aunt Verda!  Aunt Verda taught me on the cooking and baking and most importantly, how not to act.  My Mom and Grandmother taught me to keep a clean house, spoil the heck out of those you love & make the holiday’s and birthday’s special, to give, that you can have friends with anyone no matter your age difference, that there is something great about every year so enjoy each birthday, to forgive and never hold grudges…I could go on for days! 
28. I am so thankful for where I am at today in my life.  I love my life and those that are in it!  It feels like a second chance at life & that I’m getting the mate that I always wanted!  So many firsts that I am getting to experience with Dave this year and I it’s so fun!  The magic of Christmas is alive in our home!

29.  Today I incorporate two into one!   I’m so thankful for Coco and the amazing people that work at BluePearl Vetrinary Partners .  I still truly believe Coco was the sacrificial lamb that was the eye opener for me with Brad.  I miss her every single day and am thankful that we had her in our lives even if just for 2 ½ months that we did.  She was Tanner’s & my first experience with a puppy together!  As I always tell Tanner, we WILL have another Coco!

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