Thursday, December 3, 2009

Have a Holly Jolly Christmas, It's the best time of the year...

Oh how I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Christmas season! The music, the lights - it's all just so pretty and so much fun! So many memories too of my Grandparents and just my family and childhood in general!

“I can hear Grandma singing this song” I said to Tanner as I put up the Christmas tree while we listened to Christmas music. “How”? he asked. I tried to explain that I meant I could hear her in my head, and then this really confused him! Ah, to be young again & not understand that not everything people say is meant literally.

I really would have to say that one of my most favorite things about this time of the year is the Christmas music. I love the way music can make you feel things. It can take you back to a certain place in time or it reminds you of certain people. Music to me is just as important as smells. Smells can do the same exact thing.

This morning as I was driving into work I was listening to my Christmas songs on my ipod & a song from one of my favorite older Christmas CD’s on. Of course we used to listen to it on cassette tape! Having just seen Christmas Vacation a few days ago, I was reminded of the family in the station wagon on their way out to get their Christmas tree when Clark and Ellen Griswold were singing Christmas Carols. It made me think of my Mom & Dad singing to these Amy Grant Christmas songs as I drove this morning. I wonder if someday Tanner will have those kinds of memories of me. The other day we were coming out of the basement & I started singing “Away In a manager” and Tanner told me “you have a pretty voice Mama”.  Makes ya smile when you hear their little voices say that.

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