Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Sad to see another young and talented star go...

Was shocked to hear of Brittany Murphy's death. She really had a unique voice and humor to her in her movies. I thought she was hilarious with Ashton Kutcher in Just Married!

I was just reading someone writing about her and thought this really stood out:

Perhaps someone else might have something intelligent to say about this. For my part, I can only marvel at the miracle of movies, how they can make us care about total strangers, how they can preserve personalities across time and plant their faces in our minds, forever.

In the next few days, as you hear all the gossip that's bound to come out about this young actress, don't forget this about Brittany Murphy: Like every other screen actor, great and small, she gave herself to us. We didn't have to take it, but she gave it. And we really should revere that, because it's not a small thing.

http://blogs.chron.com/peep/2009/12/respecting_brittany_murphy_for_1.html This is where I got that from.

May you rest in peace Brittany and may your husband, family and friends hold onto you in their memories.

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