Friday, January 1, 2010

A great resolution for the new year, 2010

I got this from a friend of mine & I think this is something that I will make part of my everyday this year in hopes of building a stronger, tighter family.

I am going to tell you this story I got out of this book I got for Christmas from a dear friend of mine. It is called, “Heavenly Humor for the Woman’s Soul.” It begins with a verse from Proverbs 14:1, “A woman’s family is held together by her wisdom, but it can be destroyed by her foolishness.” I had just got done telling my husband about a quote in the previous story that said, “Marriage is made in Heaven….but so is thunder and lightning.” He laughed harder at the second one, the verse from Proverbs. I was cracking up at the thunder joke and he was cracking up about the wife’s foolishness. Having to get away from him while he picks himself up off the ground, I immediately came to our room to type up this devotional on Friday night, December 31st 2009. It will be a new year in 4 hours. It is funny how life has changed. A decade ago, I would be getting ready to paint the town for the New Year. Right now, my 3 year old is repeating in my ear, “I wanna watch Dora, turn on Diego, mommy, mommy……! I hear my other two in their bedroom fighting over what DVD to watch. And, Shane, well he’s….who knows. Ha

The story is called, “Be the Glue” written by Michelle Adams.

“Remember the old television commercial for Super Glue featuring the construction worker? The man puts glue on the top of his hard hat and glues himself to a beam. Before the commercial is through, you see that worker holding on to his hat, his feet dangling beneath him, several feet off the ground.
Super Glue is really strong stuff. I have mistakenly glued my thumb and index finger together, and, wow, was it tough to separate them! Here’s my challenge to you today: Become like Super Glue for your family.
That may seem like a strange goal to you, but it’s a worthy one. You should have God so big on the inside of you that His beautiful love, gorgeous goodness, and attractive acceptance emanate from you onto your family-sticking them together. In today’s world, it’s tough to keep a family intact. Divorce, even in the Christian community, is at an all-time high. Children run away from home. Family members turn their backs on one another. Let’s face it: The Christian family is under attack. That’s why it is so important to become the glue in your family.
So how do you become the glue for your family? Live out the love of Jesus in your home. Let your family see your faith. Pray for each family member every single day. Speak peace over your household. Let God bond your family together with His Supreme love, and get ready to experience a beautiful home life. Pretty soon, others will ask how you “keep it all together.” They’ll want to know why your family is different. And you’ll be able to tell them about God’s love and His peace and His goodness. Your words will stick in their minds, and pretty soon they’ll be the glue for their families!
Sticking it out-especially when times are tough-is rare in today’s world. But as Christians, we should set the example for a beautiful, happy home life. So, be the glue today!”

Now, I can’t think of a better New Years Resolution than this! So, I have three more hours…..where’s Shane? Ha. Have a Blessed 2010, Love, Sheri

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