Friday, January 22, 2010

Grooming and little boys

So I send out this picture, darling I must say, of my baby boy the other day. OK, so he's 4 and he's hardly a baby anymore! One emailed back & said she loves how I've always got his hair groomed & he always looks so cute etc. So this morning as I'm coming into work I'm thinking this could either be really good for him later in life or it may totally backfire on me! What if he gets to the age of 10 or so, as I'm told by so many with little brothers or boys of their own, the he rebels & doesn't care about taking showers or fixing his hair. Or I could have created a monster & he'll be really anal about always looking good & having hair gel or pomaide with him! HA...who knows. At least he looks good for now! Love my baby boy & our morning routine! I fix his hair, wash his face, put some lotion on his face, and we brush his teeth. Doesn't get this same routine though when Dad's getting him ready, just Mom!

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