Monday, February 8, 2010

Temple Grandin - movie for HBO

(Clare Danes as Temple Grandin)
I had never heard of Temple Grandin, nor this movie. We caught the premiere of it Saturday night on HBO and it was WONDERFUL! This woman was able to achieve things that the Dr's tried telling her mother would never happen. They told her best to put her in an institution. HUGE pat on the back for her mother being so strong and refusing to believe them! She pushed Temple to be better and had the saying "differnet but not less" and that was (IS) so true! I also loved when Professor Carlock took such an interest in her and think that was such a helpful way of helping her to understand things when he explained to her about the doors of opportunity and walking through them. This movie was amazing and I really hope she gets an award for her acting in this movie as it was superb! The whole cast really was amazing. The way the explained what Temple sees with the flashing pictures, that was an incredible way to help those of us who know nothing about autism get an idea on how it works in their head a bit. This is a must see movie! Temple now teachers at a school in Colorado, though I can't remember where.

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