Thursday, May 2, 2013

What do you like about me?

So the question...what is it that you like about me?
1. Your heart!  You have such a kind heart!  I mean a really good, big heart! 
2. Your love for your kids!  There is nothing sexier than a hands on, in love with his kids, would move heaven and earth for his kids Dad!! 
3. You're so easy to talk too.  About everything...
4. I'm so impressed with the way you love and respect your Mother.
5. You are beautiful!  That smile, those're beautiful baby!  You make my stomach tumble and my heart do flip flops!

Does that answer your question?  As I've said, everything happens for a reason.  People come into our lives for a reason and they leave for a reason.  We are who we are today b/c of our past.  No regrets, keep your eyes looking forward and look for the good in each day!  Dare to be will be loved for who you are by the right person!  You don't have to change to please the right one!

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