Monday, May 13, 2013

When you find it, hold on tight!

Love...So here's the story. 
Back in April I get an email on Match from this handsome man named Dave.  We talked back and forth...I sent him my cell phone number & said give me a call or text if you want to keep talking.  Easier than having to log on here & keep messaging back and forth.  Then crickets...I sent him another message a few days saying something about not hearing from him & decide it's a done deal.  I woke up last Thursday and had an email showing that he'd "winked" at me!  So, I immediately got back on & paid another sign up cost JUST to get back in touch with this guy!  We've been talking and together everyday since.  When you find the one that wants to be on that journey with you, you want forever to start now and you start down that road!  Don't waste another minute!  LOL...You are certainly worth that $35 David! 

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