Sunday, May 5, 2013

You will make it through because God never gives us more than we can handle!

We all have those days where you feel like you're not going to make it through & you really wonder HOW MUCH MORE CAN I TAKE...But I promise you, after what I've been through this past year & I've come out on top - YOU WILL TOO!  Just keep holding on and know that you're not alone!
I see the pain in your eyes and hear the hurt in your voice, I've seen the tears and I'm here.  I'm here to lean on, let me help you carry the weight.  I tell you that everything happens for a reason and I truly believe that in my heart.  In every aspect of life!  The people we've met and left behind or that left us behind, the ones that have died...they've all taught us something whether it's been good, bad, hurtful - whatever it is.  The experiences, the lessons in life - they've all made us who we are today!  I believe that God brought me into your life b/c I have the caring, loving and nurturing heart that you so need!  Long term or just the here and now, only time will tell.
I think of our talks and hearing where you have been and where you are at now and I just want to make sure you know it's all going to be OK.  You will see what I mean once you're on the other side and the dust has settled. 

Don't ever let someone who's not going to take care of your heart like it was their own in again!  No one deserves to have their needs neglected, to have their love and affection brushed off.  Always remember YOU deserve so much more than that!   

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