Thursday, November 6, 2008

Another one of my favorite people...Grandpa Taylor!

One of the neatest men you will ever meet, my Grandpa, Wayne Taylor! I LOVE my Grandpa & try to call him at least once a week! He just turned 92 on Nov 1st this year. So many cousins all say the same thing about my grandpa & what a great guy he is. He was the 2nd to youngest of like 13 kids & is the last one still alive today. Love love love my Grandpa Taylor!

Wayne Taylor as a little boy

Wayne, Helen, Duane & Dennis Taylor
Wayne Taylor

Grandpa with his Great Granddaughters Payton & Mallory at my wedding. Grandpa walked me down the aisle.

Grandpa & the only Grandma I've known with him - Grandma Mary! : )

Grandpa & his first wife Helen. Helen passed away when their youngest son Kyle was about 3. Duane was 14 and Dennis 13 I believe it was.

Grandpa givin' Grandma a smooch!

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