Friday, November 23, 2012

Day 23

Today I am thankful for all my wonderful Christmas decorations!  Just LOVE the decorations, lights, everything about this part of the Holiday season!  So many fun times to be had with Tanner & all the great movies that we love!  Today has been a rough day & I usually have just about everything DONE by this time and I don't yet have one tree done!  OH off to a bad start with the first tree, but it's all good!  It'll pick up in the morning when I wake up, it's all out of the attic & I can just focus and enjoy since Tanner is at his Dad's for the weekend.  I won't be stopping to help my little sweets with anything.  Love him, but boy he stops me a gazillion times when I'm working on a project it seems. 
(pictures are from last year and/or 2010)

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