Saturday, November 3, 2012

Day 3

I am thankful today for our pets.  I love animals, always have since I was little & only had very short periods when we/I didn't have a pet. 
Duke, Hinnie Mo, Bambi, Burt, Koda, Sugar, Tina, Peace, Fruity, Ladybug, Roxy & Coco.  So many memories of all these pets!  Except Duke...I was too little and don't remember anything about Duke.  I'm told I used to pull his tail and he didn't really care for me.  Ha...anyways, here is a picture of our sweet girl Coco!  We got Coco at the beginning of Sept and she's such a sweet little girl!  Made me wonder why (and how) I've gone so many years without having a dog!

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