Monday, February 4, 2013

All I ever wanted for you, from you...

You said you were going to take care of me.  Love me and be with me.  Marry me...You said I was your everything.  If I was your everything how did you sit there and watch us crumble, watch me crumble?  Why didn't do something?  Why didn't you try?
When you truly love someone you don't let them suffer and do it on their own as you did.  You do everything you can to help, you make good on promises and stop with the excuses. 
I just wish you'd of been the man you said you were.  I don't think you could be that man, I don't think  you ever intended on being that man. 
All I ever wanted was for you to know that you are special, that you are loved, that you meant the world to someone - to me!!  That I wanted to love you, take care of you and just to spend my life with you!  You told me how you felt being neglected an emotionally abused as a child by your parents.  The hell your father made you feel, all the way up to today as a grown man.  WHY couldn't you love me and let me love you?  Why was it so hard. Things were so good between us when you first got home and gradually you changed into someone I no longer knew. 
I want the you that I fell in love with back.  I want that man that had the intentions of finding a job and being a responsible adult who was part of a partnership and IN this! 

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