Tuesday, February 19, 2013

I am me...this is who I am!

I like pancakes, baby animals, smiling, holding hands, long kisses (with the right person), lasagna, Minsky's pizza, buffalo chicken, writing, The Walking Dead, dirty jokes and things that are politically incorrect.  Don't get me wrong, I'm not prejudice in the least!  I just tend to laugh at a lot of things that I probably shouldn't find funny.  I like the F word, I don't know why...I don't want my son saying it, but I like it.  I say what I think, not always a good thing though!  I am not easily offended, not even Mancow Muller offends me!  I do not have a good poker face, and lying does not come natural or easy to me.  I tend to wear my heart on my sleeve and can be very sensitive at times.  If you look at me wrong or say something in teh wrong tone, I will think you are mad at me.  I am getting better at not holding grudges with age.  I don't judge others for what they do anymore, did too much in the past and it's not my job so I'm learning to but out and leave that to the Lord!  I haven't walked a mile in your shoes so I have no idea what your reasoning is behind what you do.  I believe in doing my own thing, if you don't like it and it's legal, I'm gonna do it by myself if I have too. I love Hallmark stores! I think cards make people happy and I still like snail mail! I love movies and lazy days spent in my pj's doing nothing productive!  I love to decorate and change things up in my house, I love the zoo with my son. I love getting my hair done and how beautiful I feel after it's done! I love cooking for friends and family and I love entertaining.  I love good smells whether it be food, candles or perfume.  I love positive quotes and post them a lot, I love red wind and Bud Lite Lime, I think Dr Pepper and Diet Coke with Lime are the two best pops EVER! I love snow, but I hate cold weather.  I love Disney World and I'm a 40 year old woman!  It doesn't mean I ever wore Winnie the Pooh sweatshirts though. I love sparkly things and I like to wear clothes that show off my figure.  It makes me feel good that I'm 40 and I'm not frumpy!  I'm not wearing revealing clothes or doing it to attract a man! I believe in passion, I believe in learning your body and having a healthy relationship in every aspect with your partner! I believe in pleasing one another in all regards to a relationship and good sex matters. I believe in spicing things up when it needs it, I believe in long passionate kisses, hand holding and looking into each others eyes.  I believe in family time, kid/parent one on one time and couple time.  It's all needed as part of a balanced life.  Kids need a mother and a father.  Not necessarily in the same house, but they need both.  I believe in being a good example for our children on being loving, productive, responsible adults! I think I'm more of a romantic than I ever really knew.  I want the fairytale ending!  I want to get married on the beach with my son there! 

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