Friday, February 15, 2013

I give WAY too much sometimes!

Reading my horoscope today this just made a light go on!  I've often thought this and reading this it just really made things click! 
Be careful of exerting your will too strongly toward someone who really isn't receptive to it, Capricorn. Be conscious of other people's feelings. Be gentle when it comes to love and romance. You have a yellow light, which means that it's OK to proceed. Be careful that the other person is receptive to your advances. Don't come across as too aggressive and end up making a fool of yourself.
I give SO much & then have been accepting so little in return!  Sure...let me dote on you and give you so much of me and sit back and get NOTHING in return!  I'm not talking financial - I'm talking emotional!  It all goes back to the saying:

I really need to love myself more, respect myself more than to be "OK" with being shown so little worth.  I am worth more love and to be shown so much more. 

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