Thursday, February 7, 2013

We can't choose our families

Someone said something to me recently and hit home...
We can't chose our parents or children, we accept and love them with all our hearts as we receive them from God.

You have no control what you are born into or how you are treated.  Some are born into less loving, nurturing homes than others.  You do the best with what you are given until you are old enough to begin to CHOOSE who you surround yourself with.  '

I googled (as I like to do with everything, and was reading up some more on this...)  In this article I read:  "we can create “families of choice” comprised of people who support us in our life’s journey. Of course, it’s wonderful when part of our “family of choice” is a parent, sibling, cousin or relative but this is not always the case".

For more on this, take a was really interesting!

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