Thursday, February 7, 2013

Emotional or just physical...

You said why would people cheat when they have a good woman.  We would talk about pleasing the other person and making each other happy in life. Talking, sexually pleasing...there for each other and truly putting their happiness first.  Why would people cheat if you have someone doing that for you?  Someone that truly loves you, why would you give that up when you're meeting each others needs physically and emotionally. 
I never had a doubt that you would cheat on me b/c I knew I was giving you all of that.  I truly felt like I was making you happy too.  Whether together or apart, we were still connecting.  People put doubts in my head, but I still in my heart don't think you would do that.  I don't like doubt though...get out of my head!  
No one knows what we had when we were together, but they say they know your kind. I'm just sick inside right now...I wish I could hit fast forward to see where this goes and where I end up. Is it purely sexual or was it emotional too?
You said I was your everything, you'd never had anyone treat you as nice and be as sweet as I was.  That you knew I was your true love when you looked into my eyes, that you are my best friend, my soulmate...
Both felt so real to me...more real than anyting else has ever felt in my life before.

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