Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Beauty or character...

This is something that I have really come to understand in the past few days!  It's funny b/c when I was coming out of my divorce I was all "oooh, I have this hot guy & the sex is amazing"!  I had found myself a hot guy (in my opinion at the time) and we had just that, great sex!  So...take it down the road a bit & many know the story...NOT GOOD.  It did not end well!  And when I say that, I don't just mean I got my heart broken. No, I ended up with a dead dog, a ton of debt, a pretty hateful relationship with my ex husband, some VERY strained friendships that are still fighting to get back to what they once were, over $1000 worth of damage in my home...just more crap than one could EVER imagine would come from what started out as something that felt so good & made me feel like the most special girl in the world!
Then, when that ended, I still had this idea that he has to be so hot, and if I'm not 100% physically attracted, I'm not even wasting my time.  (Really shallow sounding when I think about it, I know).  But after dating a couple guys (one of whom I was remember telling my BFF his voice is so deep, he is so sexy...blah blah blah...) & not finding a good fit, I was moving forward again. I found the most amazing man!  Very cute & after talking & texting with him and I liked what was there with that, I thought let's see if there's a spark/connection in person.  WHOA...was there ever!  Talking, kissing & hanging out for over 6 hours, we definitely connected and there was a spark!  In the end, if you don't have that emotional connection in addition to the physical, what's it going to be when the body's not working anymore?  There's more to a person than just a pretty face, it'a about having a pretty heart too!   

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