Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sicko out there amoung us...

So I have an email show up last night from match & it says this:

???? im waiting

coaches at 8.. 135 there...text me ...913     jimmy

I'm like who are you!?  Just weird...I knew his face as soon as I saw it b/c I'd seen him on here before & he just looks like creepy!  So you can see part of his profile in that message too.  Look at this, SERIOUSLY, this man has something missing upstairs!  WHO in their right mind would have a profile like this?!

I like my waffles with blue berry's and whip cream please
I love to eat a fresh peach the only problem is there very hard to find especially the kind that has no fuzz at all they are very rare I won't eat just any type of peach it has to be fresh and clean and tasty and doesn't look like a catchers mitt
Then this morning I get another message from him! 

My ball sac is loaded ....

And ready to play ball so pic the balls you want to play with most and we can go to the park and throw them around

What is wrong with you!?  Gross...take it somewhere else buddy! 

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