Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Sick to my stomach thinking about my baby girl today!

As I sit here looking at pictures of our (my son and my) sweet puppy Coco, I am sickened to think what she suffered at the hands of my ex boyfriend.  Without a doubt, he was the reason, whether direct or indirect (pills on floor that she got) cause of having to put her down.  You have this tiny 5 1/2 pound innocent puppy that is totally fine when you leave (6:20 ish) and then you come home (7:30ish) to find your dog in the state I found ours in and having to put her down in the middle of the night?  It just doesn't add up!  She was left in the house with my alcoholic boyfriend who was drunk when we left & then drove himself to get more alcohol after we left.  Funny thing, he was jealous of that puppy!  She liked my son and I, but didn't like him.  A grown man, jealous of a dog?  Can  you imagine...just goes to show he's even crazier than I came to learn in time...

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