Tuesday, January 27, 2009

LMAO...I am a lot like Kate Gosselin I guess!

OK, so I started looking for a picture with her hair, thinking of cutting the back top really short like hers...Anyways, I ended up on this blog that someone else has on there & found this:
So yesterday’s episode — Color Me Gosselin. Why are you taking your kids to the Crayola Factory if you don’t want them to get dirty, or clean up after them, or use markers??? Kate, the reason your kids are having meltdowns is because you don’t let them do anything. And it’s not just me who feels this way – just ask your husband. He seems to think markers are fine.

While I am on the subject of markers – they are called washable for a reason. Last week I came home to find my precocious pooch with a chewed up purple Crayola marker. There was purple everywhere – on my cream rug, on his white paws, and all over my very expensive, very large tan micro-suede sectional sofa. But here is the real kicker – it washed right out! HA! Who would of thunk washable markers would just wash out!

I am a bit of a freak myself with letting Tanner use markers b/c I don't want him to get dirty! Or his clothes, LOL! He's 3! I need to let it go, I know. I am careful what I put him in for school, or I try to be, and I know that I can't get upset if he comes home dirty b/c it means he's having a good tiem! Also, the teacher's don't have time to try & keep him as clean (ANAL) as I do. This part of the gals post made me laugh too!

And the damn blue glue won’t kill them either. Do you really think that Crayola would supply toxic, hazardous and stain-inducing materials for their young patrons to use?

People make me laugh! There are so many great things out there to read for entertainment or inspiration now with the internet, it's fantabulous!

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