Friday, January 16, 2009

Love the snow, but geez...

This morning's drive into work sucked so bad! Seriously, had I looked outside & seen it before I started to get ready for work - we would be at home! On my way to take Tanner I was sliding all over the place! Then, I pulled off the highway once I was on my way b/c I could see it was pretty backed up & decided I would stop off for more Benadryl for my hives/rash that is STILL here (coming and going) for over a week now! So, I can hardly see out of my windows b/c the temps are so cold outside that you can hardly get it to melt & stay melted and have ice on the scrapers. Ended up pulling in back at hte house to look for a scraper & found one. So, decided to get back on the road & make what is normally a 20-25 minute drive anyway...sliding all over the place, sweating from the heater even though I had my coat & scarf off - forgot deoderant so that was nice...Over and hour later & praying that I don't get in a wreck & don't get a ticket for wrecking - I made it in! I am now just wishing I'd of stayed home b/c of the neckpain that I have today and my itching! But, I was feeling guilty at the thought of staying home without Tanner. Although, it would have been a really nice time to try & get some fun projects done! Oh well...better not to waste a day on myself for something like snow! I would also have liked to have kept him home with me so we could walk outside in it & at least have a little fun in the cold! Maybe it will stick around and we can go outside tomorrow! Wonder if chad will have to plow tonight...Sure hope not! We were going to go out to dinner since Tanner is going to see Dog Hotel with Grandma Suzette! Bring on a Margarita...seriously craving one! Have been for a few days now. Chad asked me what was going on with me last night when I said I really wanted one. Just realized that I don't have any tequila at the house though b/c we used it on New Years Eve so I wouldn't have been able to fix one last night as I'd thought about at one point. Sure hope this day gets better...guess it's not the day that's causing the problem. It's my outlook! Need to find something positive to read, stop & take a deep breath...RELAX.

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