Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Random thoughts...

Peanut really should not be mixed with noodles. I have decided I really don’t think I like that flavor – Thai food.

I love being at home! Curled up on the couch with a movie and a warm blanket!

My son has the best smile ever! (And laugh too)

I miss some of my old haircuts. Am not happy with what I have right now! She really did a number on my hair last Saturday…UGH!

I love beef, and ham & chicken…How could you not like meat? It’s just so good, when it’s been cooked the right way! I want a hamburger from Town Topic or a big steak from J Alexander’s (I’d even settle for Outback right now) or a pulled pork sandwich from Oklahoma Joe’s!

Green is such a great color! All shades of green. It just makes you happy! Green grass, green leaves…green gum, green beans, broccoli, lima beans…Salad. Money! Green, it really is a great color isn’t it?

Sprinkles, they make me happy! I really love sprinkles. They are kind of like confetti, I just love it/them for some reason.

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Amy said...

Amen sista! I am a meataholic, I think. Thank goodness my daughters so far are too!

I agree with you too on the peanut butter and noodle thing. Hubby loves it, I just can't do it.

;) amy