Wednesday, September 16, 2009

BEWARE of the scam called Colon Cleanse 3000!

OK, so don't ask me what possessed me to fall for this weight loss idea called Colon Cleanse 3000! I did, I ordered the trial period deal online for just the cost of the shipping ($4.95) but they decided to charge me $127 and then told me that obviously I ordered it b/c otherwise they couldn't have taken the money from my account. I've filed a complaint with the better business bureau in Arizona, Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3), and I'm disputing the charge with my bank and trying to get my money back.

I've been on several other websites finding many others like me that have falled for this scam! I was told today at one point in talking wtih my bank that they change their name every other week. It's so strange, how is a company like this still out there?!
This person makes reference to some international charges which is funny b/c I too was wondering what those little charges were today & just figured out that they were from that company as well.
Here's another website with complaints:

Anyways, good luck if you have already been ripped off by this company and if not STAY AWAY from them!!

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