Monday, September 21, 2009

Deep thoughts...

OK, corny I know...but had me laughing inside as I was thinking about Stuart Smalley on Saturday night live & his "deep thoughts with Jack Handy" skit.

So, today I decided that my favorite color lately seems to be hot pink/fushia. It's been green for so long, but I realized how much pink & fushia I seem to be wearing lately & I just love it!

Today - it's Wednesday & I am so excited to get home from work! The new Tastefully Simple products are to arrive today as they were shipped out on Monday! Yippee...can't wait to see what's in the box! It feels a bit like Christmas!

People on my last nerve... I'm telling you this company sale & move to our new office can't happen fast enough! People seem to be very needy and dependent upon others. Why can't people carry a phone list with them & use it? Why do you need to call into the main line & ask me to transfer you to people? Another thing, can people not get on their laptop and look up a phone number. You're not driving, why can't you look it up? I can understand if you're driving - that's totally not safe & I'd really rather someone not die while driving b/c they are trying to figure out phone numbers...And another thing along this same line...Don't ask me to do something b.c you just "don't have enough time" and then within an hour or so send me an email of some commentary (that is long I must say) on the healthcare system. I DON'T CARE...I don't get some of that stuff & I don't care to spend my time reading a commentary on it that's for sure. I sit here & see CNN ALL DAY long! Chances are I'm pretty full of info on it! (Not really, I tend to turn the channel down as I'm so sick of it).

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