Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Pirate Party for a 4 year old

For my son's 4th birthday, I did a pirate themed friend birthday party. It was so much fun & I really found a lot of ideas on line! Thanks to Chicka and Jo for the great ideas I found to make his party invites! Check it out...

Once I had the invites all done & sent out, it was time to get moving on everything else! My husband had made the coolest pirate ship and I was busing making cupcake toppers, buying things in red and black to use for decorating and some pirate decor, peanut butter sandwiches were cut out in the shapes of skull & crossbones...Party day arrived and the boys started arriving! Them it was a bit of a waiting game for the birthday boy to arrive! (He spent the night at my Mom's house with so I would have plenty of uninterrupted time to get ready for the party). Once he arrived, we wall went in & the boys got their bag of pirate garb to put on! Then it was outside where they chased each other (and Dad who was also dressed up like a pirate) around for a bit & just played in the pirate ship for about 10 minutes. Then it was time for the treasure hunt. Once they found the treasure chest, they found that the treasure was missing! Pirate Pete (pinata) had already beat them to it & now they had to get that treasure back! The boys had a great time with this and I will say that I have NEVER seen anything hold up so well! It seemed to take forever for that pinata to break! Then we went inside for the boys to decorate their treasure chests, had lunch & open gifts. By the time everyone left they were totally wiped out from all of the running! It was such a great party, I didn't even bother to get out the pirate bowling I'd found at the store!

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