Thursday, June 27, 2013

Family time

So Dave & I took Tanner and Zack to a Royals game on Tuesday night.  I had my cell phone out & was on FB a good chunk of time . I had no idea how annoyed Dave was at that.  We talked later & come to find out family time is HUGE to Dave!  No more FB or texting when we're out for family time.  I think it's great that he's actually that into spending time as a family!  I know it's a rule at dinner, no cell phones.  I've seen that come into effect with Zack when he's brought his phone out at the table.  Love that my man is such a traditionalist on spending time together as a family & that time together is spent together, not socializing with others while we're in that moment.  I think it's a great thing for us to be teaching our kids!
Funny thing was I'd just heard a big conversation about this on the radio & same senerio!  A man had taken his family & his kids were texting the whole game and he was bent out of shape & trying to decide if you cancel family time & going out like that or just take the phones away.   

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