Thursday, June 20, 2013

Real life compared to movie Fear

I was driving a couple days ago and the song Wild Horses came on.  I love this song & it was in the movie Fear with Reese Witherspoon & Mark Wahlberg from 1996. 
I was thinking that movie really mirrors a bit of my life with the ex boyfriend Brad.  Scary times...glad to have that in my past and him out of my life.  For the most part.  Still waiting for the legal stuff to settle up and to get money for the damage he did to my home and belongings before he left.  I will never get everything that I lost from that back, but at least my son and I are safe now and on the other side of all of that.  Nothing but a whole lotta heartache, stress and lies.  He was dangerous, I knew deep down at the time but something had a hold of me so tight that I wasn't willing to let it go.  I was never worried for my son's safety.  My own at times yes, but never that he would hurt my son.  Of course you look at that and think something happening to me, that right there would hurt my son.   When someone threatens to shoot you, they have the loaded gun in hand, you shouldn't just push that under the rug!  RUN - RUN LIKE just can't stay in a relationship with an unstable personality and think that anything is going to change.  So, bottom line - watch this movie.  The character Mark Wahlberg plays is much like my ex in that he's lying about his life to her and her family.  In the end you see what a scary monster this man really is and what he is capable of. 

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